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VEST 2343aw4

  • Australian Made!

    ****available with and without foil.****
    When you select the colour, you will see the foiled version is listed with the colour

    this is such a glam peice.
    inner button & outter button
    slight wrap over style
    Can be worn on its own as a top, or as a layer piece. 

    Made complete in 100% European Linen.
    This garment is design, created, cut, sewn up,  washed, garment dyed & specially treated, finished & packed all with 30KM from our Melbourne based warehouse. It is a very complex process! (Not just your regular "Cut & Sew" around here...!)

    Featuring our Hand painted foil detail in GOLD.
    We spent many hours in our "lab" experiencing just how to achieve this look- by the time we had created the perfect technique we were seeing gold on everything! It was all worth it and the testing & flops were fun.
    As it done by hand, each garment will differ slightly- which means your garment will be unique and special! 

    Proudly made in Melbourne, Australia.


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