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Zip Jumper Super Fine Merino Wool

220599 zip jumper

  • 100%  superfine merino wool
    Our Superfine merino wool is treated so it is very soft to wear even on very sensitive skin. 

    This is our Classic BB ZIP jumper. It's been in our collections for a very long time because it is just such a fabulous fit and style to own! 
    Great Rectangle shape which creates a longer leaner shape. Slim classic sleeves (not tight!) and of course the main feature TWO FRONT ZIPS! 
    These zips adjust the width of the hem allowing for extra swing, and are also fun to zippity'zip up and down to create different looks. 

    This is the plain versions which has no design stitching. 
    For hand stitch design, please look for code : 220599S.

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