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3/4 Sleeve Jumper with Marle Stitching - Super Fine Merino Wool


  • 100%  superfine merino wool

    (this style is available without Stitching. Please look for style number 2314.)

    we designed this style with TWO concepts in mind:
    1: we wanted a knit that we could layer up over shirting & long sleeved tops. 
    2: We wanted a style which could be worn with little effort- 
    No constant pushing back long sleeves, 
    Non restricting neckline
    Loose and light weight so acceptable for the warmer climates
    Easy to layer and include in many outfits. 

    This Superfine Merino wool style is all of the above! 
    It has 3/4 sleeves, which make daily movements hassle free, 
    It has a pocket! 
    The neck line is more open that a regular pullover which allows for layering under- example, collared shirts! it allows creates space for your fabulous necklace!

    It is a box shape, so flattering on most bodies. 

    available in Stitched & unstitched. 

    each stitch is hand applied. 

    This is a great number to add to any outifit! 
    Perfect for the office, or fabulous to layer with and make a real statement! 



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