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1214aq6 D-RING Dress

  • Australian Made!

    Made complete in 100% European Linen, in our signiture colours and garment dye method. This garment is design, created, cut, sewn up, THEN dyed, washed, treated, finished & packed all with 30KM from our Melbourne based warehouse. It is a very complex process! (Not just your regular "Cut & Sew" around here...!)

    Our colours are all garment dyed and created by hand by us making them exclusive to us at Banana blue and uniquely ours. 

    style features adjustable D-ring strapes to allow different lengths.
    architectural shaped.
    mid- long length (adjustable)

    Hot day GLAM dress perfection!
    Match it with one of our cropped linen jackets for arm coverage or extra fab.

    Proudly made in Melbourne, Australia.

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